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Commitment Statement

I am committed to providing a community that demonstrates diversity, inclusion, equality, support, social justice, equal access to healthcare, education, and justice for all individuals regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, and ability.

I am also committed to advocating for all people in the community and bridging the gaps between professionals in psychology and sociology to the public who can benefit from the correct interpretation of the scientific findings in these fields and who should have access to resources to help improve their wellness.

These commitments are based on my belief that we should all have the opportunity to thrive and based on the social change that needs to occur to fight the oppression, systemic, and institutional racism that exists as well as the limited access to mental health treatment that is contributing to mass incarceration because many individuals end up in the system rather then in the treatment they need. There is a general lack of access to mental health care and I want to see change.

Using my background in Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Sociology as well as my own experience with recovering from a mental illness, I didn’t want to wait before I could start making a positive impact in the mental health field and I saw a gap between the knowledge of the scientific community and the public in knowledge around necessary social change, mental health, and wellness that I knew I could help fill. This blog and the designs sold are efforts to support these changes to accessibility of knowledge, inclusiveness, and representation.

With the commitments of the creator and this community, we can and will be successful in advocating for and contributing to positive social change.



This website is in no way a replacement for mental health treatment. If you are in need of immediate help, please visit or reach out to local services or authorities.

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